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Benjamin Weise

I am an amateur photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Having experimented with travel photography, portraiture, light painting and long exposures in general, it's safe to say my favorite field of photography is landscapes - pitch black starry nights or beautiful scenery during the golden hour are what I enjoy most. It's the uncertainty of not knowing what nature will present you with and the thrill of using your tools without error before the opportunity has passed. Before getting into photography, I would have never believed how much craft goes into a good image; out in the field as well as in post-production. Photography hasn't been a major hobby for me until recently. Actually, it was my first smartphone with which I started to document everyday life and weekend trips. It wasn't even my decision to buy my first DSLR back in 2014; but as soon as I had my hands on a proper camera, I started reading and learning techniques, a process which continues today and for many years to come.

I'm not sure whether it is living in a big city that makes me appreciate nature so much or if it is the way I was raised. Back when I was a kid, my parents would take me into the mountains (rather than to the beach) and I often complained about it. What my father used to call "power hiking with mum" is now what I consider one of my top recreational activities. A couple of relaxed days at the beach are great, but I always get to the point where I need to move and see things. Landscape photography is a great way of combining both. 

If you like the images you see, want to have a printed version of it, or simply want to give me a shout, hit the contact button and we'll figure something out. I am always happy for feedback too.

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